Young Adult Leaders…Help For Your 2012!

As you get ready and continue planning activities and events for your group of young adults, we urge you to check out what the Church of God 7th Day Conference’s theme is! Let’s incorporate some of the teachings that the conference is promoting so that way we could all be on the same page.

And let’s all pray for this theme of 2012 to unite the Body of Christ as a whole and that the 2012 theme, A People of the Spirit, helps us grow closer together in our local groups.


2012 Denominational Focus
Theme: A People of the Spirit

This is based on the vision item, The Spirit-Formed Church.  Its overarching emphasis is that the church Jesus promised to build (Matthew 16:18) is a living church (1 Peter 2:5), that it is living because the Holy Spirit gives it life (2 Corinthians 3:6), and that the purpose of this life-giving Spirit is to form the Church by shaping believers’ lives into Christ’s image (Romans 8:29-29).

Beginning with Conference-wide fasting and prayer (Annual Prayer Initiative) for the outpouring of the Spirit upon the church, this theme will be emphasized throughout the year in our flagship publication, The Bible Advocate; our inter-church newsletter, Churchright; Sabbath Quarterlies; materials for Small Group Bible Studies; and at a National Men’s Retreat to be held in the fall of the year in conjunction with the meeting of the Ministerial Council, themed: “Spirit-Formed Men; Presenting Every Man Complete in Christ.”

Official announcement and details about the upcoming Council meeting is forthcoming from the NAMC president and officers; meanwhile this serves to give you a “heads-up” in order that you may plan your ministry calendar for the coming year with this in mind.

Look for the following topics to emerge throughout the year:
·     Spiritual Formation—How God Shapes People, and the Church
·     The Fruit of the Spirit
·     The Gifts of the Spirit
·     The Nature and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
·     The Spirit-Formed Church
·     Spiritual Warfare Matters
·     Spiritual Authority Matters
·     The Holy Spirit and Evangelism

As a member of the team, please consider how your influence as a leader will bear upon this emphasis for the coming year—how you will incorporate it in your planning and encourage those with whom you serve to engage it as well.

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