Medical & Dental Missions SHINE!

Today, as we are here going about our daily business at work, school and at home, there is a team of international volunteers throughout our Church (Church of God 7th Day) who are in a different place they are not accustomed to. They are leaving the familiarity of their personal lives to go and impact lives of people they don’t know, in El Salvador.

SHINE left for their Medical and Dental Missions trip last Friday, June 22 and plan to return home on Monday, July 2.  If you and I are not one of those volunteers that are currently in El Salvador, there is something we can begin to do here, where we are!

#1 – Let’s Pray.
As you go about your daily business, please take time out of your schedule to pray for the volunteers and the work they are doing, to glorify God! They are making a HUGE impact in the world for Christ, and helping people that have no way of getting medical treatment/dental treatment. Pray for protection, strength, discernment, joy and peace, and any other blessings you can think of!

#2 – Check in Daily for their blog posts Click Here
They aren’t able to write as much as they’d like to right now because of internet connection issues, but please try and keep up with the SHINE team by clicking above and reading up on their progress.

#3 – On Facebook? Get the latest and click here and add the SHINE MISSION as your friend today!

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