Young Adult Ministry, Is this Biblical?

Recently, my husband and I sat down to view a DVD a friend of mine from Church recommended.  The name of the documentary is “Divided” and we were honestly a little skeptical about it because we knew from speaking with our friend, that this film challenged the way we do Church.  Also, we honestly expected some sort of ultraconservative propaganda type video.  We really were not too interested in viewing it at all.  BUT my friends, after viewing the DVD,  we can say that this film not only challenges the way the Church of God 7th Day does ‘Church’, but it challenges the way America does ‘Church’ — AND WE LOVED IT HAHAHAHA!!!

And if you’re a young adult reading this posting, I know there is a big part of you that is now a bit interested in knowing what I’m talking about. Young adults are open to challenges. Even challenges that come up against all we know as normal. All we know as the ‘right’ way of doing things.  If you’re COG7d (I’ll use this acronym in the rest of this post, stands for young adults in the Church of God 7th Day) your palms may be getting slightly sweaty and you  may be feeling a little uneasy, maybe even ‘naughty’ right now for reading this, and being interested in looking into this documentary/film, “Divided”.

The documentary “Divided” was filmed and written by a young adult bred and raised in the average American Church.  The directing, cinematography, scripts, and all that jazz is excellently done and very relevant for youth and young adults.  The film challenges youth ministry directly.  Although it really doesn’t mention, “Young Adult Ministry” aka “SWORD” I felt convicted by the film. All my beliefs about the importance of ministering to youth and ministering to young adults are in question.  It’s exciting and it’s scary.

Anyways, enough about my thoughts on “Divided”.  I challenge everyone to go to the website and view the documetary for FREE online, or if you can’t watch the documentary right now, then at least view the trailer.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments about this film.  Please reply to this blog and share the love and post on your facebook and twitter!

Jacqueline Melgoza
Southwest District SWORD Coordinator

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