Austin SWORD – United in Christ!

There is a motto here in Austin that rings: Keeps Austin Weird. Coming back to this weird city after a year of living in the nurturing and tight knit community of Spring Vale Academy has inspired Oscar Davila to make and keep Austin something else:
United in Christ.

November 20, 2011 was the first Austin Rally held at Nameless Valley Ranch (about 20 mins. outside of Austin). Oscar’s home church Just As I Am helped him host it; and in attendance were youth from the Alpha and Omega church, the Adonai church, Shalom, and the Eva church.

Worship was guided by a team of musicians from 3 of the 5 churches in Austin. They led a poignant and fun set of songs.

Dan Melgoza made the trek up from the not-so-weird city of San Antonio to speak to us about unity with each other and unity with God.

There were indoor and outdoor games (including a very long, intense game of kickball), and we broke into small groups so that everyone had the chance to meet someone they did not know too well (or at all).

The night ended in hotdogs, frito pies, burgers, and a new sense of unity. I think we are onto something good here in the city of Austin.

Sharon Arteaga

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